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“I see a lot of interest in South Asian communities, but I would love to see this comic get into the hands of people who are outside the diaspora,” Burton notes. “Women in North America need to expand their outlook of how we look at feminism and how it can be inter-sectional.” – Huffington Post

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“There are many other chapters in the book which both overtly and covertly share experiences felt by thousands of women worldwide—we see many universal themes and struggles that women encounter on a daily basis” – Brown Girl Magazine


“… There’s no masking the harsh flavour of the central ingredient: oppressed urban Indian women. In these pages they’re smiling at themselves but through clenched teeth and tears.”  – The Indian Express



“The graphic collection is a rich reservoir of insight from today’s young women.”The Hindustan Times


 “Drawing the Line is an anthology every woman in the country should read.” The Bangalore Mirror


“Each artist has a distinctive hand, and it’s an absolute joy to encounter a new voice every 10 pages or so.”The New Indian Express


 “She [Diti Mistry] establishes this world with a few deft strokes offering a peep into the private cosmos that all commuters carry inside them.”The Hindu Business Line


“Deeply affecting and bitterly humorous black-and-white stories of reprieve, resilience and retribution.”Elle (India)


“In an attempt to encourage more women to step into the realm of sequential art and graphic storytelling, the book not only published stories by names familiar to graphic art enthusiasts, it also published a large number of young artists and storytellers in a way very few publishing houses in India do.”Jaipur Women Blog


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