Drawing the Line – Indian Women Fight Back!” displays the diverse brushes of talented female artists from all corners of India. It explores various facets of discrimination, interwoven within the fabric of innately complicated Indian society. This collection of content is a stunning visual walk-through of female-specific commonplace issues in India, like domestic abuse, “eve teasing”, public harassment to the jaw-dropping ‘profair-idiocy’ phenomenon. It even explores the lives of prominent female public figures like Iron Sharmila.
As an Indian woman, I can completely relate to the various scenarios in this collection, from traveling in ‘Mumbai Local’ by Diti Mistry to the do’s and don’t’s of Kaveri Gopalakrishnan’s ‘Basic Space’. As a woman with dark skin, I can utterly empathize with the feelings of the artists in ‘Melanin’ (by Bhavana Singh) and ‘That’s not Fair’ (by Harini Kanan).
Finally, as an Indian woman who is also an illustrator, I am totally floored by the fluidity of the stories, the subtle conveyances, and the somewhat disturbing to down-right scary of some of these complicated issues that are so specific to growing up in India.
This collection is a must-read, especially for the first world audience, who are thoroughly confused by the ‘one-step forward and ten-steps back’ situation for female empowerment in India.
I love, love, love it and I have read through it again, again and again! 
– Ana Patrankar, Chile-based Indian cartoonist, artist of ‘ImmigrantX

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